Xinran is a Multi-Media Artist, she is currently pursuing an MFA degree from CCA. Her work spans painting, performance, immersive experiences, AR/MR, and the development of emerging technologies. Previously, Xinran worked as a technical artist at several different companies, Xinran produced and designed several interactive storytelling experiences, including the PC & VR open-world game Nostos-the lost home.
Her current practice focuses on play and AI technology. In her work, she examines the influence of AI algorithms on our behavior and our social environment. Xinran's practice focuses on the way people connect with one another through new media and technologies such as video games, virtual worlds, and artificial intelligence. She creates installations and animations where she implements elements of these new technologies and invites viewers to interact with them unusually.
In her works, she invites viewers to intermingle with the technology and find out how they are seen through its lens. Xinran aims to allow viewers to reveal their own power to act upon the technology. Following Posthuman Performativity ideas, Xinran believes that agency emerges within the entanglement between the human and the non-human.
Xinran’s goal is to create a space where questions can be asked, and conversions can take place. Her artworks usually provoke conversations regarding identity transformation, social roles, role-playing, identity tourism, cultural appropriation, virtual communities, machine-based surveillance, recognition, and classification.